The Delusional Confidence Workbook

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In order to manifest, you have to commit to being borderline . Meaning you have to completely ignore your rational brain and fully believe that something will come true—even believe you have no evidence for it at the time.

The Delusional Confidence workbook is a space to reflect, learn, and strengthen lessons about what's your view of your abilities and your self-confidence. Confidence is something we have when we were younger when we believe we can do or be anything. But life experiences, our own or those projected on us by other people, can lower our confidence.

This book this workbook will help you: identify your limiting beliefs, embrace abundance, teach you how to work through your self-confidence issues when you’re in a moment of doubt, and give you real-life Underdog success stories to model your journey after.

This is your first step to Delusional Confidence!

  • INTRODUCTION: What is delusional confidence?
  • EXERCISE #1: Self Analysis: What's really going on?
  • EXERCISE #2: Choose a different story
  • EXERCISE #3: Embracing abundance
  • EXERCISE #4: The Worst-Case Scenario
  • EXERCISE #5: Questions to ask yourself
  • EXERCISE #6: Other inspiring stories
  • EXERCISE #7: Why our brains try to self-sabotage
  • Conclusion

An interative, printable workbook.

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The Delusional Confidence Workbook

0 ratings