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PTO Dashboard Listing

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Do you have a paid travel opportunity you think would be a perfect fit for the PTO Dashboard? Sponsor a listing, and have your opportunity shared with more than 100,000+ people every month!

A “Packs Light Badge of Approval” is shared in your listing showing your opportunity has been checked for legitimacy by the Packs Light team.

The #1 question I get is “is this a scam?” This badge will assure viewers, that yours is not!


See an example here for an idea of what the post will look like.


Length of Advertisement

Each purchase of a sponsored post is default to be advertised for 30-days, no matter the deadline of the opportunity is, and has a small feature in our Sunday PTO email newsletter to more than 12,000 subscribers.

For more promotional options, see our packages.

Opportunities MUST have an element of travel

Packs Light's mission is to make travel for education, work, and fun less expensive, less overwhelming, and more accessible.

✅ Opportunities that will likely be accepted:

  • international internships
  • study abroad scholarships (for any nationality)
  • fellowships with at least 1 day of sponsored travel
  • travel contests and giveaways
  • remote job opportunities
  • travel/hospitality internships
  • free remote language class passes

❌ Opportunities that will likely be rejected:

  • affiliate programs
  • group trip advertisements
  • in-person tech internships

Vetting Process

We vet each sponsored post in our dashboard very intently. You are welcome to purchase this product but the opportunity will still be subject to review.

If APPROVED: You will see the post live within 1-2 business days, and receive a link to the live post.

If DENIED: You will receive a refund and a short explanation of rejection within 1-2 business days.

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A sponsored opportunity listing in the Packs Light PTO Dashboard.

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