All About Digital Nomad Visas

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The All About Digital Nomad Visas is an all-inclusive, visual e-book for taking your remote work abroad for however long you want—3 months, 6 months, 12 months... indefinitely?.

This guide delves into the recent craze of digital nomad visas and is a tell-all of not only their individual requirements but also what life will be like actually working in these destinations. There are countries that are literally begging you to visit this year!

In my next ebook —full-time travel expert and digital nomad, Gabby Beckford—also give you my top tips for securing remote work: whether that's turning your current position from work from home into work from anywhere, or finding a new job that gives you the freedom to travel and work.

*BONUS*: This e-book is CLICKABLE! 👆🏽 There are updated links to resources directly accessible from this book—no need to waste time Googling on your own. Simply click the colored text box or word, and the link will open up in your browse.


Digital Nomad FAQ

What is a digital nomad?

Why are these remote work visas popping up?

What is the difference between a digital nomad visa, a work visa, and residency?

Why do I need a digital nomad visa? Can't I just enter as a tourist, and work from my laptop?

What do I need to show as a proof of income?

Do I have to pay US and foreign taxes?

What is the benefit of having a digital nomad visa?

Can you still travel to different countries if you’re on a digital nomad visa?

Which is the best digital nomad visa to get?

18+ Digital Nomad Recommended Tools + Services

30+ Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

In each region and country listing, you'll get updated information on...

  • Average rent costs
  • Visa application details + links
  • WiFi quality
  • COVID19 updates
  • Local area experts + influencers to follow
  • & more!
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The All About Digital Nomad Visas is an all-inclusive, visual e-book for taking your remote work abroad

10 need-to-know questions about digital nomad visas
32 digital nomad visas
8 regions of the world
80+ hours of research
92 pages


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All About Digital Nomad Visas

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